Development Board Series

We are design wide range of development boards


Sherlock is a differential drive DIY type starter robotic kit. Starting from the simple functionalities such as LED blinking; Sherlock can be programmed to perform more advanced tasks like Maze solving and wireless control. The robot is powered by a Arduino Nano device which can be programmed by either using the conventional Arduino IDE or by the mBlocks visual IDE allowing anyone to be familiarize with simple robotic programming. Sherlock is comprised of its own battery charging system, so that you can simply charge its Li-Ion rechargeable battery using a mobile phone charger.

More Functions

Led Blinking
Tone Generation
Line Following
Obstacle Detection
+ 7 more functions

Starter Kit

400 point project board
15 LEDs
4 Push Buttons
10 male to male jumper wires
+ more components



Boromir is the universal robotics development platform developed by A&T Labs. Currently available with Arduino mega daughter card.


Arduino Compatible Headers
16 LEDs
Zigbee Connector
16×2 Alpha Numeric LCD
16 Analog Pins
Quadrature Encoder Interface
+more features

Flexible Power option

Onboard Switch Mode Power Supply (7 ~ 18V Input)
Automatic Power Source Selection
Power Supply Polarity fault detection and protection
USB Power Option
Option for Separate Power Supply for Motors


This is the perfect development board to learn electronics and IoT in a single attempt. It can be used to learn development of Arduino, PIC and the interfacing with many sensors and actuators. The WiFi module plugin will connect your project to the Magicblocks cloud platform where you can try out your internet of things.


10 Digital I/Os
10 Analog inputs
2 x Motor drivers (2A each channel)
1 x Analog potentiometer
1x DS1820 temperature sensor 16×2 character LCD 4 x Seven Segment Display
Real Time Clock with battery backup
Graphic LCD interface
WiFi module interface
12V 2A power supply



µSeeker is a complete low cost robotics development kit for learning & prototyping purposes. It comes complete with all the necessary components for a two wheeled mobile robot. Save the time and money spent on building a robot from ground up and use our kit to start learning robot programming instantly! It connects with Magicblocks cloud seamlessly and use the visual drag and drop editor to create complex functionality.
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16×2 LCD display
Integrated buzzer
3 x switches
2500mAH Li-ion battery
rechargeable via USB
IR line sensor module with 5 sensors
3 IR proximity sensors for obstacle detection

Magic WiFi

Magic WiFi is the base module build on top of ESP8266 for many IoT applications. It is equipped with WiFi and it comes with the Magicblocks firmware to easily connect to the Magicblocks cloud. You can also reprogram the device via the PC similar to a normal ESP8266 module as well. By using the MagicWiFi module you can build many interesting USB powered or battery powered IoT applications by combining it with accessories and the power of the Magicblocks cloud WITH NO KNOWLEDGE ON CODING!


ESP8266 12F
9 Digital I/O pins
1 Analog input
9 PWM pins
1 Hardware UART
1 SPI port
1 I2C port
Li-ion Battery charger and power management module for battery powered operation
Micro USB for power and flashing firmware

Magic WiFi
Magic WiFi Shield

Magic WiFi Shield

Magic WiFi shield is the easiest way to connect you Arduino to the cloud!. It comes with Magicblocks firmware so that it will work as a Serial to cloud connector for your Arduino application. Just plug it in and you are ready to network your Arduinos! Whatever you write to the Serial port of your Arduino will appear on the Magicblocks visual editor and the rest is left to your imagination!


Module: ESP8266
802.11 b/g/n WIFI
Integrated 10-bit
ADCInterfaces support
Ardunio IDE support