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An Electronic Research and Development company

An Electronic Research and Development company

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Gold Award in Sahasak Nimawum

Icon- Smart Controller for Internet of Things Apllications won the Gold award under the engineering field in National Inventors Exhibition 2018


Magicblocks.io Relaunch

Magicblocks.io relaunched in Techno 2018 with more features, new hardware solutions & learning management system


Techno 2018

A & T Labs participated for the Techno 2018-National Engineering Exhibition exhibition for the 4th consecutive year.

ICON-Smart IoT Controller

The developer friendly and deployment ready industrial Internet of Things controller by A&T Labs

ICON-Smart IoT Controller
Comprehensive feature set

iCon is compatible with many protocols and can interface to many sensors, peripherals and network technologies in the industry

Flexible design

You can order the iCon controller from a large variety available configurations to suite your need

Industry proven

iCon is meant for industrial/commercial use and has not let down its customers for many years

Open source

The libraries for firmware development are fully open and customizable

Developer friendly

Looking for a suitable hardware platform to build your next idea? You can get iCon developer board only version to prototype your design

Deployment ready

iCon comes in a IP67 enclosure and connectors ready for rugged outdoor deployment. Complete with solar power and battery backup you can convert your prototype design to a installation ready device.


Magicblocks.io is the IoT platform by A&T Labs for building IoT applications with minimal hassle. Tried and tested over the years the lateset release of magicblocks will connect to more devices and do more thanks to the open source project Node-Red
getting started

Custom electronic Design

A&T Labs started as a design services company where we supplied development boards and controller boards for many corporates and universities in the country. A&T Labs conducts the design, development and assembling of complex microcontroller based equipment.

Professional service

Every item is tested and assured to be up to the customer’s requirement before delivery

Proven quality

A&T Labs has been conducting design services to many large clients over the years. You can request us for more information before engaging us in your next big design

Cost effective

No hidden costs. Kept simple and easy

Custom electronic Design